Podcast -34: Do i need braces after aligners | Dr. Rashmi Shree | Best Dental Clinic in Bannerghatta Road

Best Dental Clinic in Bannerghatta Road

Ever started clear aligner treatment and wondered if you might still need braces? With Best Dental Clinic in Bannerghatta Road

This podcast dives into the world of teeth straightening, exploring the use of clear aligners and traditional braces. We’ll discuss:

  • The benefits and limitations of clear aligners (like Invisalign)
  • When braces might be necessary after aligner treatment
  • Signs your aligner treatment might not be going as planned
  • How to care for your teeth and maintain your smile after using aligners

Whether you’re considering clear aligners or in the midst of treatment, this podcast will help you understand if braces could be part of your orthodontic journey.

Consult Best Dental Clinic in Bannerghatta Road , Dr. Rashmi Shree on a journey towards a healthier, happier smile. Tune in and subscribe today!

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