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Orthodontic Services in Bilekahalli

Our Orthodontic services provide diagnosis and treatment for dental and facial irregularities.


Orthodontic treatments aim to improve the functional aspect of a patient’s bite. We focus on correcting misaligned teeth and jaw that might lead to periodontal issues, speech difficulties, orjaw pain. The initial step of the treatment is taking an x-ray to understand the condition of the teeth. Based on the finding, the specialist designs a personalized plan and recommends braces or aligners. The patients also were retainers to prevent the teeth from displacement.

Our Orthodontic Services in Bilekahalli are a combination of dental wellness and overall well-being. After the procedure is completed, proper care of the teeth must be taken. Following expert guidance increases the efficacy of the treatment. We help patients with strategic, comprehensive, expert advice to curve a healthier and happier smile.

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