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Podcast -12: Prevention and Tooth Decay | Dr.Ashika Shetty

In this informative podcast episode, Dr. Ashika Shetty delves into the crucial topic of prevention and tooth decay. With her expertise in dentistry, she shares invaluable insights on how to maintain a healthy, radiant smile by warding off this common oral health issue. Discover practical tips and strategies to protect your teeth, from daily oral […]

Podcast -10: Child Friendly Dental Education | Dr. Rashmi Shree

Join Dr. Rashmi Shree in a child-friendly dental education journey. Through engaging discussions and valuable insights, Dr. Shree, a respected dentist, provides an accessible and informative approach to teaching children about dental care. Her commitment to educating young minds on maintaining healthy smiles makes her a trusted choice in the field of paediatric dentistry. Parents […]

Podcast: 09 – About Dry Mouth | Dr. Ashika Shetty

Explore the topic of dry mouth with the knowledgeable Dr. Ashika Shetty on the Smile Talk Podcast. Dr. Shetty, a leading dentist in Bilekahalli, Bangalore, shares valuable insights and practical advice on understanding and managing dry mouth issues. Her expertise in dentistry shines through on the podcast, offering listeners valuable tips and information to maintain […]

Podcast -08: Choosing the right oral care products | Dr. Rashmi Shree

Join Dr. Rashmi Shree as she shares valuable insights on choosing the right oral care products. Her expertise in dentistry shines through on the Smile Talk Podcast, where she provides guidance on selecting the best dental products to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. If you’re in Bilekahalli, Bangalore, and seeking the best dentist, look […]

Podcast -07: About Dental Veneers | Dr. Rashmi Shree

Discover the wonders of dental veneers on the Smile Talk Podcast with Dr. Rashmi Shree. She’s a top-notch dentist in Bilekahalli, Bangalore, known for her expertise in making smiles beautiful with veneers. If you’re looking for the best dentist in the area, Dr. Rashmi Shree is your trusted choice. Her dedication to dental excellence and […]

Podcast -06:  About Dental Implants | Dr. Ashika Shetty

Tune in to Smile Talk Podcast to learn about dental implants from the experienced Dr. Ashika Shetty. Her clear explanations make understanding dental procedures easy.  Best Dentist in Bilekahalli, Bangalore, Dr. Shetty is a trusted choice. Her commitment to dental excellence and informative podcast contributions make her the go-to dentist for all your dental needs. […]

Effective Strategies for overcoming dental anxiety

Best Dental Clinic in bilekahalli

Introduction Does the sight of the huge machines in your dentist’s room scare you? If you are saying a ‘Yes’, then stop here and listen to me. You are not the only one who feels restless and uncomfortable at the thought of visiting a dentist for an oral check-up. There are millions like you who […]

Podcast -05: Valuable Tricks about Dental Health | Dr. Rashmi Shree

Get ready to enhance your oral health with Dr. Rashmi Shree on the “Smile Talk” channel. Discover valuable dental tricks and tips for a brighter smile and healthier gums. Tune into our podcast for practical advice and insights from the  Best Dental Clinic in Bilekahalli, Bangalore   Listen to our latest Podcast   Intro Podcast […]