Podcast – 46: Surgical Loupes in Dentistry | Dr. Ashika Shetty

Best Surgical Loupes in Dentistry | Dr. Ashika Shetty

Ever wondered how dentists see those tiny details inside your mouth? Dr. Ashika Shetty joins Smile Talk with Denta Care to shed light on the fascinating world of surgical loupes in dentistry.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What surgical loupes are and how they work
  • The benefits of using loupes for both dentists and patients
  • How loupes improve precision and accuracy in dental procedures
  • Different types of loupes available and choosing the right ones
  • Maintaining good posture and ergonomics while using loupes

Dr. Shetty will also discuss the impact of loupes on patient care and how they can lead to better outcomes. Whether you’re a dental professional or a curious patient, this episode will give you a clearer understanding of how surgical loupes are revolutionizing dentistry.

Tune in to Smile Talk with Denta Care and elevate your dental IQ!

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