Podcast -31:  Clear Aligners  -Dr. Ashika Shetty 

orthodontic services  in Bannerghatta

Dreaming of a straighter smile but don’t love the idea of traditional braces? This episode of Smile Talk with DentaCare explores the world of clear aligners! Dr. Ashika Shetty will shed light on this popular orthodontic services in Bannerghatta. Whether you’re a teen or an adult seeking a discreet way to straighten your teeth, this […]

Podcast -30:  Dental Implants V/s Dental Bridges -Dr. Ashika Shetty

dental Implants service in Bannerghatta

Missing teeth can impact your confidence and smile. This episode of Smile Talk with DentaCare dives deep into two popular replacement options: dental bridges and implants. Dr. Ashika Shetty will break down the key differences between these procedures with dental Implants service in Bannerghatta. Building Bridges: Learn how dental bridges “bridge the gap” between missing […]

Podcast -29:  Ways to Handle Sudden Toothache -Dr. Ashika Shetty

Dental emergency Service in Bannerghatta

Got a throbbing toothache? Don’t panic! This episode of Smile Talk with DentaCare equips you with essential strategies to manage Dental emergency Service in Bannerghatta . Dr. Ashika Shetty shares expert tips for temporary relief, including saltwater rinses and cold compresses. But remember, a dentist is your hero for long-term solutions. Learn how to address […]

Podcast -24: Fuel Your Smile: Food for healthy dental care with Dr. Rashmi Shree 

Healthy Dental Care

Want a dazzling smile and strong, healthy dental care? The secret might just be on your plate! Join us on Smile Talk with DentaCare as Dr. Rashmi Shree, a renowned dentist, shares her insights on the powerful connection between food and oral health.  In this episode, you’ll discover: This episode is a delicious blend of […]

Podcast -23: Dental Emergency on Smile Talk with DentaCare | Dr.Rashmi Shree

Dental Emrgency

Feeling panicked about a chipped tooth or throbbing pain? Don’t let dental emergency throw you into a whirlwind of worry! Join us on Smile Talk with DentaCare as renowned dentist Dr. Rashmi Shree dives deep into the world of dental emergencies.  In this episode you’ll discover: Listen to our latest podcast for more details also […]

Podcast -22: Wisdom Teeth: Pain or No Pain |  Dr.Rashmi Shree

Welcome to another enlightening episode of ‘Smile Talk with DentaCare’! Dr. Rashmi Shree delves into the enigmatic world of ‘Wisdom Teeth: Pain or No Pain.’ Join us as we uncover the reasons behind discomfort, myths, and how to manage wisdom teeth issues. Stay tuned for expert insights and proactive solutions!” “Experience discomfort with your teeth? […]