Podcast -23: Dental Emergency on Smile Talk with DentaCare | Dr.Rashmi Shree

Dental Emrgency

Feeling panicked about a chipped tooth or throbbing pain? Don’t let dental emergency throw you into a whirlwind of worry! Join us on Smile Talk with DentaCare as renowned dentist Dr. Rashmi Shree dives deep into the world of dental emergencies. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What constitutes a true dental emergency and what can wait: Learn to triage your oral woes and understand when immediate action is crucial.
  • Common dental emergencies and how to handle them: From knocked-out teeth to abscessed gums, Dr. Shree equips you with essential first-aid tips and guidance.
  • Staying calm and collected during a dental crisis: Dr. Shree shares calming techniques and practical steps to navigate stressful situations.
  • The importance of preventive care: Discover how regular checkups and good oral hygiene can be your best defence against dental emergencies.
  • Finding the right dentist for emergency care: Get valuable insights on choosing a qualified professional and what to expect during your visit.

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